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Full Version: NeoBytez Forums! Looking for programmers!
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Hi, we're a startup cheating community for online games and we can expand to other consoles and platforms! Looking for .NET/Java/C++ programmers to make cheats/bots for popular online games!!
I hate cheats but good luck! A link to your site would probably be welcomed I guess?
Haha thanks Tongue I thought I had it in my sig, but I didn't Tongue


Looks good but perhaps you have too many forums for the amount of threads/posts
It should fill up rapidly, I just started the thing like 2 months ago. I know that many many users come for programs and I have a friend who has similar forum to mine and he has 10x more forums than I do and its always full and new posts all the time lol

Lets see how this will be Tongue
Oh and isn't it weird that I can only see my signature in this post only???
You have to go to User CP -> Edit Signature -> Enable Signature on all posts and it will update all your posts.
Ah, gotcha Smile

I hate this feature of mybb, it should be standard to have it enabled by default lol...what's the point of showing signatures from a certain date time lol.
bump!~ zuhaha Tongue