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Full Version: Big problems with shop -.- 1.5
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Well hello, i'm having a few problems with the shop for new points

1. opens up the postbit very wide and buttons etc go out of place looks ugleh \o/ is there a way to like make a table for it or something?

[Image: unled2j.png]
2.on the newpoints for shop in the navigation there is no link for users to view their own items from there"i have items in the shop".
[Image: ttttttttttttttttt.png]
3.Tried upgrading because i had 1.4 installed, i keep getting this error, so i overwrite the files and activate the plugin again still no changes, but it says i'm using 1.5,yes i deactivate before i did all this
[Image: 47429946.png]
thanks for your help i hope this turns out well :<
1. Edit the templates and remove/edit what you need.
2. It's in the shop page, not the newpoints page.
3. No idea what you're trying to do but it's nothing good I guess.