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Full Version: Newpoints Missing after MyBB 1.6.3 Update
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After I updated to 1.6.3, NewPoints doesn't seem to be showing. I already performed the required Template updates required by the MyBB Update. I also checked the postbit templates for newpoints, the code is there but it won't show on the forum (Triple Checked). I already tried the button in Admin CP that rebuilds the templates.

I don't know what else to do and I'm confused at the moment.

Did you install any new plugins? That's very weird!
No, no new plugins were added.
Alright. Right now the only easy fix is (probably) deactivating and activating NewPoints again, can you please try?
I try doing that, but it didnt work. Unless you mean installing and uninstalling...
Update, in Admin CP it says "can't gather any data"
Nice theme you're using, I think his theme (Fabo's) may have a problem, did you try changing themes and then deactive, re-activate?
Do you have the NewPoints task enabled?
Yeah, when I upgraded, my theme glitched up. Good thing I had a backup on hand because I wasn't able to get newpoints to work either.
So its your theme right? Cause now I don't wanna upgrade if its going to mess up my Newpoints...
this is exactly what happened to me!!
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