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Full Version: points not showing!
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I donwloaded newpoints, installed it, activated it, and the tab showed up. I corrected all the settings to my own way, and for some reason it doesnt show it. Its enabled and everything but wont show
Doesn't show what?
(04-18-2011, 09:51 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Doesn't show what?

like when i go to a post or so mething it doesnt show the users points. even if i go to my profile or others profile it wont show.(the points wont show)


Please check if you can find the keyword points in the member_profile template
no i did not see anything that said newpoints in the member_profile template if that is what you mean
Go to ACP -> NewPoints -> Maintenance -> Reconstruct templates
it still wont show. want the password to my test admin and try to fix it?
plz help!
Well, deactivate NewPoints and activate it again to check if it's there now.
still nope. this is y i deactivated it the first time. (before i had to rewrite my forum)

I had it, b ut then after a while the points stopped showing. i deactivated and uploaded again and that everytime i go on the plugins sec. on the acp, i cant like control it. so i restarted my forum and now that i uploadwed it again it still wont show
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