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Full Version: Forum Permission and Protection are USELESS!
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Well, i wanna informs you that forum permission and also other variety of user permission limitation is useless!

If you have 1 forum and subforum which you set only viewed by VIP member, also you protect content inside the thread using tag [hide] plugins, it's also useless because people (read: ordinary member) still can read those secret and confidential infos using RSS Syndicate.

1. Set one of your forum permission, set to only VIP member can enter it.
Also if you have [hide] plugin, please hide some text from one thread in that forum.
2. Now go to footer, then click RSS Syndicate, choose secret forum.
3. Open generated rss link in new window, then you can see anything naked!

Very useless.. Sad

I wanna report it to MyBB forum, but i always failed register for bug report registration. Hope one of you can submit this report there.

No Permission

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