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Full Version: Shop problem
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Hi, well I would like to help me with a problem I have with the MOD Shop 1.5.

I've installed on my forum in the admin panel everything works perfectly, but when trying to enter through the forum to the store ( I get the following error:

[Image: th_error.png]

My forum version is 1.6.2, please can someone help?
That's not an error caused by my plugin, unless you've changed it or downloaded it from somewhere else. That table does not exist and never gets called.
Yes, I just noticed that the file "shop.php is another plugin to install (inventoryshop110) but did not work for the version I have.

In any case, I installed the Mod Shop 1.5, that url my users can access the store through the forum?
newpoints.php?action=shop ? Not sure if this is what you want