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Full Version: Newpoints Broken Link
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I installed Newpoints 1.8 it works like a charm however the link is broken what did I do wrong ?

when I click my money or someone else money it says that the link is broken

what did I do wrong ? Can you please help

look at the profile you can see the money ( currency) when you click it, it shows broken link.
Can anyone help please.
You did not upload newpoints.php
what do you mean ?
You need to upload all files.
I uploaded all the files, maybe I miss one but I'm not sure. Could you login my cpanel for me please ?
No, if I fix it myself next time you'll be looking for help again.

Upload the contents of the Upload folder to your forum root. If you do this step correctly, it will work properly. Connect via FTP and upload the files to the right place.
Whats the root.
It's where you have the mybb files, like usercp.php
OH OK. Let me try that.
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