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Full Version: Newpoints Decimal Points BUG
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I saw an option on the setting that you can change the decimal places to 2($0.00) to 10+ ($0.0000000000) but when I tried to set it up with income setting like I setup Per reply to $0.00001 and then tried to reply on a thread the $0.00001 i setup is not showing.. It is still $0.000000 but when I setup again the per reply to $0.01 it shows $0.01

I think it only works with 2 decimal places($0.00) I hope you can fix this to work with atleast 5-6 more decimal places

You must edit the database structure of the users table. Edit the newpoints field and change the decimal places from 16,2 to 16,5 for example.
YES it finally works!!!!!!!!!!!! MANY many thanks SIR! This is one of the best MODS for mybb!