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Full Version: Points for forum visit
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I have NewPoins 1.8 and look for an option who I can give Points after a week if a User was every Day in this week in the forum.

is there some options for this ?

and I want to give the User Points, if they are 1 year oder longe member.

No, that's not possible.
mayby its i Idee for the version 1.9 oder 2.0

thid were a good Feature. Smile
Right now you can give points to a certain usergroup each X seconds. (you can put 604800 seconds for example, which is a week)
than every use become the points or ?

But only the users who were every day in the week on the forum should become the points.

Sorry but I do not understand. All users get those points if that's what you're asking.
Only the User who where 7 days in a Week online in the forum, should become the points.

7 Days online = points

5 Days online = no points

Oh no that's not possible and will not be added.
Ok thanks.