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Full Version: Newpoints Suggestion !
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OK I notice a lot of people like to place many items on their shops including myself I have over 100 items in my store and I have over 8 categories and the page just get's really long it would be awesome if somehow we could have a category, then when you click the category then you can see the items to is (Click Category --Takes you to the stocks) and not Category and stocks at the same time.

second of all is their a way to have employees and workers so they can make their own items, my members are always asking me if they can make custom items and I'm like (No sorry) but I told them hopefully it will be added in the future.

For the second, that used to exist back in the MyPlaza Turbo days, it was called MyCompany, I plan to port it to NewPoints sooner or later, it's not in my current todo list, it's not a high priority.

For the first, I don't understand, mockup may help.
What I mean is this ?

1. When you check the shops you see the following

-Category Name
And Item list

-Category Name
And Item list

2. What I'm suggestions

-Category 1
-Category 1
-Category 1

let's say you click category 1.

it will take you to a new page with the items of category One.
Sorry but I'm confused hehe
What I mean is .

For example

Fire Element Shop
Water Element Shop

when you click it "Fire Element shop" it redricts you to a new page with all it's items. and not all the items in one page.
But what is Fire element shop??
@nervo, he wants categories to open in a new window where it will display the items under the categories only (not any other categories).

@alpha, You can add multiple items under the same category. Why not just keep the categories collapsed by default? That way you "hide" your items under the category unless the user clicks on the category.
Oh no I won't add that. You can keep them collapsed as suggested by somik. Thanks somik
Pirata could you teach me how i can do this ? By codes, I know html and css but no PHP.
It's not possible without PHP.
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