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Full Version: Renewals and Userpages:)
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I was wondering if anyone could make a plugin that would make a item in a shop expire after x time. Also make a plugin that people can buy a userpage. A userpage is a page a person will buy and then can edit using BBcode, not HTML, BB code. I know this was asked of before and the answer was no due to the abuse that HTML can bring but thats why I am asking for it to use BB code only. I want to combined these 2 possible plugins to help my site, thanks!
You guys request lots of things, most of them take more than a day to write, the answer is no of course. I do not have time for this.
I never specifically asked you did I? There is allot of talented people that could write such a code. I posted it here because that it has to do with your plugin.
No, you're right there. I was just saying I am not going to do it.