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Full Version: Shows "Username" as winner and not real username of user!
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Last Lottery Winners
User Amount Date
username 1,600.00 NB February 13th, 2011

My username is not "username" lol any idea why this is showing up instead of my real username? Because it shows everywhere else my real username except in the LAST LOTTERY WINNERS table. Also, the link is correct when you click on "username", just the text is not my username..I'm thinking the author forgot a $ in front of it or something because I assume its a variable being fetched from the database and s/he probably forgot it. I'm using the MyLottery plugin for Newpoints 1.7.

I looked through the plugin for MyLottery and found this:

            // get winner username
            $username = $db->fetch_field($db->simple_select('users', 'username', 'uid=\''.intval($winner_ticket['uid']).'\''), 'username');
            // log winner
            newpoints_log('lottery_winner', $lang->sprintf($lang->newpoints_lottery_log_winner, $winner_ticket['ticket_id'], $term['term_id'], $points), username,      

Is there any error here? Is there supposed to be a $ in front of the username in the newpoints_log parameter?
Re-download 1.2, it's been fixed already Smile