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Full Version: Banned User Getting Points?
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First of all I just wanted to say thank you creating such a great plugin - Its working really well on my discussion forums and I think the members are starting to find it a really great system too.

There is only one problem that I am having, and that is that banned users on my forum seem to still be earning points. Here is what my points are setup as:

New Post - 2 Points
New Thread - 5 Points
New Poll - 5 Points
Per Character - 0 Points
Minimum Characters - 0 Characters
New Registration - 15 Points
Per Poll Vote - 0 Points
Per Reply - 2 Points
Per PM Sent - 2 Points
Per Rate - 1 Points
Per Page View - 0 Points
Per Visit - 1 Points
Per Referral - 25 Points

Do you know why the number of points that a banned user has keeps going up despite the fact that they can't login or post or anything like that, and nobody is donating to them either? It would be good to have an update for the plugin to make it so that banned users do not get any points.

Many thanks,
If he visits the website they will still go up. I don't think it's a problem though..
But he has like 1,000 points and I don't know why :/
He probably visited the forums, that's most likely the reason. But it's still weird yes, how many points are given per registration?
A new registration is 15.
Does the user have any posts or threads? Someone may have donated him points? These are the only explanations I see.
He does have posts and threads, but only ones which were created before he was banned. Nobody has given him a donation. Also, yesterday I reset his points to 0. He already has 114 and I don't understand why that is possible :S
Me neither, what's his UID?
Not sure what UID stands for, but if its User ID then its 19 Smile
Okay thanks.

Please find: (in inc/plugins/newpoints.php)
PHP Code:
function newpoints_addpoints($uid$points$forumrate 1$grouprate 1$isstring false$immediate false

Now, after that you should fine: (a few lines below)
PHP Code:
        $immediate true

Add this after the line above:
PHP Code:
    global $current_page;
    if (
$mybb->user['uid'] == 19)
newpoints_log('banned_testing'"DEBUG - POINTS:".$points." - PAGE:".$current_page." THIS_SCRIPT".THIS_SCRIPT); 

I think this is all I need right now.

Then reset the user's points to 0 and tomorrow check the NewPoints Log page, search for "banned_testing" in the action column. Let me know if you find anything.
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