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Full Version: Language change into German
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Hi there

Could you please let me know where I can change the writing from English to German ? I've translated just about everything into German but somehow I'm totally stuck on that part, and it drives me just about Nuts Rolleyes ! Also once it's all translated - would you want to have the German Language Files and post them here so other German Users can save themself such hassle?

In case you're you're going to tell me it's in the Plugin itself... I've been there already and have translated the necessary part into German, but for some Reason it doesn't show.

Please check Screen !!
That's impossible to translate, it's retrieved from the settings titles. It's a fault of mine I know.
Oh darn it Big Grin

Is there any Way this will be changed somewhen down the Line ?

Thx though for your reply - atleast I can stop searching now !
Probably yes, probably not. There are things which are more important as of now.
That's ok... no Rush - would just be nice as some Germans are not so firm with the English Language Wink
i have same problem too :/
and i find :
NewPoints 1.9\NewPoints 1.9\Upload\inc\plugins\newpoints\core\plugin !??
and there is those title but i change it but no result ?!