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Full Version: Shoutbox Crash
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I recently started to get SQL errors on my forum and at one point my whole forum crashed for 24hrs, it's back up now but i had to de activate the shoutbox..

SQL Error:
1203 - User blahblahblah already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections
[READ] Unable to connect to MySQL server

My members really like that shoutbox, is there a way to have the shoutbox taking less load on the server ? I'm on a shared hosting.
I was using the shoutbox onall my themes and on every pages, index and every other pages...

Well stop using it on every page..just put it on index and for registered members only. Plus, make sure refresh time is not over 30 seconds.
over 30.. you mean bellow ? It used to be at 15.. so 30 it is.
thanks for the advice, i will test it out again, i miss my good old retarded Shoutbox_Bot :o)
Oh yes I meant below 30
thanks.. oh and is there a way to purge the old shouts ?
Maybe having over 100 pages of shouts isn't helping at all.