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Full Version: A glitch in your lottery 1.2 plugin
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Hello pirata,

It seems to be there is a glitch in your lottery 1.2 plugin. It is displaying an unwanted _ at top of page as you left over the _ before <?php in the newpoints_lottery.php file.

i tried to reply in the plugins section but you made it this way, that non-subscribers cant open a thread anywhere except in this forum Smile

hope you will fix this soon or else people start opening threads and ask for help irritating you, and your only response will be subscribe and get support Tongue
It doesn't say anywhere I only give support to subscribers when it comes to NewPoints and its plugins. I give support to everyone when it comes to that project.

Next time please post in the NewPoints plugins forum.
Moved to correct forum.

Thank you for your report by the way, I've just fixed it. Re-download and re-upload.