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Full Version: [Request] Restrict New Threads Based On Custom Profile Fields
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I want to request (and pay!) for a new plugin to do this:

1 - Restrict users to create new threads (or posts) if they not have filled one or more custom profile fields.
2 - Admins can setup restriction based on groups and individual users.
3 - Admins can define which custom profile fields for the plugin to check the restriction
4 - The error message can be customized in Admin CP.

Thank you!
Also need similar Plugins! (:
The amount of people requiring this plugin is minimum compared to other plugins, so I cannot do this one for a while, others have higher priority. (like updating MyDownloads)
Still, if you can do it, tell me your price! I will PAY for it.
Drop me a PM, so we can make a deal about this.

I'm free for a week (not free but well..less busy than usual), feel free to drop me a PM on how you want it to work and I'll give you a quote.

PM sent. Thank you and sorry for the delay.