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Full Version: NewPoints + MyBlogs?
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I had NewPoints working perfectly all this time.

Now I installed MyBlogs,
MyBlogs is for 1.4.x, while my forum is 1.6.x, but still I tried to do it.

It worked, the blogs work great, I think.

But! Buuut.... today I noticed that the points counter no longer appear on the users' posts.
And also.... also, blogs stopped working. Blogs no longer display...

Oh man, I think I messed up this time. Well, I choose NewPoints. What steps do you recommend me to get NewPoints back and running and wipe the existence of MyBlogs? Thanks.
Did you try running the reconstruct templates feature from the NewPoints ACP page?
Yes, I don't think anything changed..
I already disabled MyBlogs.. weird, there is no uninstall option as usual... but I guessed disabling it and reconstructing the NewPoints templates should be enough.... it wasn't =/
Not even the NewPoints statistics page seems to work.
I took a look at the postbit template you mentioned, and I found your line
I assume that is what displays the points counter on the posts? Well, it isn't working. That line displays nothing =/
Well, did you uninstall NewPoints and install it again?