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Full Version: Can someone please install New points for me ?
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I had it but I deleted it by mistake and now I'm stuck and I don't know how to install it I have tried, could someone please install it for me, aswell as the lottery plus shop and bank.

I would really be grateful and I would tell my forum that this is where we got our shop from, please someone help me Smile

Once you post here ill sned you a PM of my cpanel and forum password if you need it.
BUMP 89 hours have passed
I'll do it for you ... But 1 thing, change your cPanel Password after i have done.
(02-05-2011, 10:34 AM)theninjarealm Wrote: [ -> ]BUMP 89 hours have passed

So what? We don't have to install anything for you..otherwise next time you want to install something you'll need someone to install it for you again.
I'm sorry, I know how to install some plugins but I just can't install newpoints i'm new to mybb and i'm learning excise my bad behavior.
You just need to upload the contents of the Upload folder, that's all