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Full Version: HTML/BBCode in Item Description for shop?
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Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to enable HTML/BBCode in the description of a shop item by adding something to a template or something like that?

I'm wondering because I want to sell Desktop Wallpapers in the shop, and would like to have a link to a preview of it.

Also, I was wondering if someone could make a Download add-on for the NewPoints Shop? So when users purchase the item, it starts downloading whatever file you told that item to download.
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As for the HTML question, find the first instance of.
PHP Code:
$item['description'] = htmlspecialchars_uni($item['description']); 

And replace with:
PHP Code:
$item['description'] = $item['description']; 

Note that this will pose a security risk if any of the users manage to have access to the Admin CP Shop Page, they can insert malicious javascript code in the description of the item.
Thanks! Big Grin