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Full Version: [Release] Buy Usertitle and Username 1.2
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(05-17-2012, 11:08 PM)BlackChaos Wrote: [ -> ]How to make this plugin compatible with some of the username change history plugins? Because it doesnt seem to log those via this plugin and its really annoying sometimes.

[Image: a85a9f9411a04d7c9f42e1d.png]

It is not compatible and will never be, unless the author of that plugin decides to integrate his plugin with this one.

(07-20-2012, 02:35 PM)h3x3n Wrote: [ -> ]I think this would be cool if you where to make it so I could select the usernames and user tittles they could buy, so it would be like a username and usertitle shop.

Do you get what I'm trying to say?

If I where to upgrade, would my opinion weight anymore?

I understand what you mean but that's not what is intended with this plugin.
Well, it seemed like a cool plugin. But now when I installed this plugin, my forum is total fkd up, and I have deactivated, uninstalled + deleted the files from the FTP. But still I do have problem.

So maybe somebody want to help me fix this?
My site:
That issue is definitely not caused by this plugin.
That's weird. Because I have installed plugins before and it happened one time before but it fixed when I deleted the files.. but this time it doesn't work at all.

I luckily had saved the files in FTP and got forum working now again.
But I would love this plugin to work :S weird it did not work to install on my forum
How can the user change the username?, I see no option or tab saying New points in my forum home page
On the NewPoints page there's a new option on the sidebar on the left.
thanx great one
This plugin has a bug where it subtracts the NewPoints before validating the username, so that if the username is unavailable the user will still be charged a fee. this can be solved by taking
PHP Code:
        // get points from user
newpoints_addpoints($mybb->user['uid'], -(floatval($mybb->settings["newpoints_buynametitle_{$field2}_fee"]))); 
on lines 312-313 and moving it to after the validation/actual username update around line 330.

Here's a patch: [attachment=935]
Thank you for reporting.
umm how do you add the link for users to change their name on the index page?
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