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Full Version: [Release] Buy Usertitle and Username 1.2
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And it can do that update would be to check whether the actual user name is free or not, just as when you register.
It already checks if the user name is being used or not
For me, something does not work Confused
And what is it?
Very nice plugin I must say buddy Big Grin
You rock!
Awesome plugin, it works perfect, you need to disable in groups option the posibility to change usertitle because if the user change his usertitle directly from the control panel then it wont cost points.

Thanks for the plugin.

Sorry for my English
Can we have "buy user group"? Plz
How to make this plugin compatible with some of the username change history plugins? Because it doesnt seem to log those via this plugin and its really annoying sometimes.

[Image: a85a9f9411a04d7c9f42e1d.png]
I wanted to use the shop plugin to set up something like this
I have created usergroups with the permissions inherited from registered members and then i can sell this item on shop ( item being entry in a partiular group) and then displaying multiple usergroup imgaes on user profile.
it is just it is not automatically done. I have to manually assign it to the users.

thanks for this plugin
I think this would be cool if you where to make it so I could select the usernames and user tittles they could buy, so it would be like a username and usertitle shop.

Do you get what I'm trying to say?

If I where to upgrade, would my opinion weight anymore?
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