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Full Version: [Release] Buy Usertitle and Username 1.2
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Edit the language file. Regarding the remove username feature removal, you must delete the template from the templates - it won't disable the feature but it will no longer show up for users. Or just set the group ID's (in the settings) of the usergroups allowed to change username to 124214141421. It should disable it.
I mean in the NewPoints Options in the side bar, how can I rename the Change Username/Usertitle to just Change Username and remove the Change Usertitle bar and prevent users from buying it and removing the recent usertitle changes in the stats

I just want the username changing in this plugin
Did you read my post..? You can change those strings in the language file.

As for removing the usertitle feature, just set the group ids to 1000000 or something. It should disable it.
I tried editing the language file but when I open NewPoints, it crashes, it never opens
E-Hero Kyle, it's as simple as opening inc/languages/newpoints/language/english/newpoints_buynametitle.lang.php
I can't see what's so hard about it..
When I edited that file, and saved and uploaded to my server, everytime I open NewPoints, it doesn't open
What do you mean by it doesn't open?? It's just a file. How are you editing it?
Opening the language file in my text editing program, then save it, reupload to my server then i open NewPoints link to check it bburl/newpoints.php

Boom, it says

Content Encoding Error

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

* Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.


It's working fine now, I used dreamweaver to edit it
This is the amazing one of all.
But let me know, if I have enabled a certain group from group permissions to change username, will they also have to pay for username change or they can change it from user cp?
And if they can change it from user cp, then tell me some settings with which I can also enable certain groups to change username but they can only but it by using New Points
If you enable username change, they can change it from User CP of course.
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