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Full Version: Bank Plugin 1.2 - REPORT PROBLEMS HERE
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hello pirata , can we add point at bank in forum post bit?

so will have point in hand , and point in bank at forum postbit. what hook to use?

For example at User profile using this :

at Post Bit :
{$post['newpoints_postbit']} ?????????

Thanks for helping
I think it's been posted somewhere here. This thread is not the place to ask for that anyway, this is for reporting problems with it.

I'm thinking about re-writing the plugin when I have time anyway.
ok thanks pirata Big Grin

wait for any update from u , nice job... Big Grin
I hope this gets a rewrite soon. My members miss it. They have such fun with the whole Newpoints thing! Thanks for a great plugin Pirata.
I tried to go to the Newpoints page to take a look at the bank, but I couldn't because:

/home/booksemp/public_html/inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/english/newpoints_bank.lang.php does not exist

(I uploaded everything in the .zip file)
Never mind. I looked again and even though I uploaded everything in there, I somehow missed the language file.
I've been received a SQL error with Bank Plugin. It's display some error related to pow() function of PHP.

How could I fix this?
Unfortunately I cannot guess the error, yet. Just yet.
Noticed an Issue with Bank in conjunction with MyPoints Achievements.
Any awards associated with Points Achievements do not account for money that is deposited into Bank.
Eg: if I have an Achievement for 10,000 Points and one for 5,000 Points
And the user has 12,000 points in total but 4,000 of that is deposited in bank leaving them 8,000 in hand.
Then that user will only receive the 5,000 Points Achievement and not both.
(This occurred on a Rebuild Achievements and Ranks)
I cannot find the bank settings in Admin CP/New Points/ Settings or anywhere at all for that matter. Though the bank is activated and functions on the forum, I have no way to set interest rates or fees. Maybe it is hiding in plain sight?
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