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Full Version: Bank Plugin 1.2 - REPORT PROBLEMS HERE
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Sorry but I could not find any setting for that yet, at least not in admin/index.php?module=newpoints-settings&action=change&plugin=newpoints_bank (the bank settings)

The available settings are the following:

Deposit Fee
Withdraw Fee
Bank Loan Commission
Bank Interest Rate
Bank Interest Period
Maximum Amount Borrowed
Include Bank Loans in NewPoints Stats
Can I Borrow Money from Bank?
Enable - Restrict Acces to Donation Page
Enable - Display the number of points from bank for a user in his profile?
Restrict Viewing Forums
Restrict Posting in Forums
You're not using my plugin but someone else's.
I'm gonna reinstall it, thank you.
here is the fix for the payment fee

from my vieuw , it is suposed that the bank pays the fee and not your account , else you need to figure out on your own what to widraw

a other bug is the loan bug , it does not work and does not add credits after the provided time

the auto money amount is working fine for me

here is the bugfix for the widraw/deposit fee

newpoints_bank.php Wrote:
//withdraw money
            case 1:
                // do we have enough money to pay the fee?
                if (floatval($mybb->settings['newpoints_bank_with_fee']) > $mybb->user['newpoints_bankoffset'])
                // do we even have such amount in bank?
                $amount = abs(floatval($mybb->input['amount']));
                if ($amount > ($mybb->user['newpoints_bankoffset'] + $mybb->settings['newpoints_bank_with_fee']))
                // add money to user - fee
                $amount = ($amount - (floatval($mybb->settings['newpoints_bank_with_fee'])));
                newpoints_addpoints($mybb->user['uid'], $amount );
                // update bank values
                newpoints_bank_update_values($mybb->user['newpoints_bankoffset']-($amount + (floatval($mybb->settings['newpoints_bank_with_fee']))), $mybb->user['uid'], true);
                // if the amount of points is less than 0 in bank (for some weird reason, this could happen?)
                if ($mybb->user['newpoints_bankoffset'] < 0)
                    newpoints_bank_update_values(0, $mybb->user['uid'], true);
                // log withdrawal
                newpoints_log('bank_withdraw', $lang->sprintf($lang->newpoints_bank_withdrawn_log, $amount));
                redirect($mybb->settings['bburl']."/newpoints.php?action=bank", $lang->sprintf($lang->newpoints_bank_withdrawn, newpoints_format_points($amount)));    
            //deposit money
            case 2:        
                // do we have enough money to pay the fee plus the amount on hand?
                $amount = abs(floatval($mybb->input['amount']));
                $amount = ($amount - floatval($mybb->settings['newpoints_bank_dep_fee']));
                if (($amount + floatval($mybb->settings['newpoints_bank_dep_fee'])) > $mybb->user['newpoints'])
                if ($amount <= '0')
                // get money from user
                newpoints_addpoints($mybb->user['uid'], -($amount+floatval($mybb->settings['newpoints_bank_dep_fee'])));
                // update bank values
                newpoints_bank_update_values($amount+$mybb->user['newpoints_bankoffset'], $mybb->user['uid']);
                // log deposit
                newpoints_log('bank_deposit', $lang->sprintf($lang->newpoints_bank_deposited_log, $amount));
                redirect($mybb->settings['bburl']."/newpoints.php?action=bank", $lang->sprintf($lang->newpoints_bank_deposited, newpoints_format_points($amount)));
i changed a bit of code in it , but i do not know where anymore ( some values get extracted from the bank amount instead your own amount and get later added to bank account so bank pays fee , or somehting messy like that Tongue )

my fee is set on 0.25 and if i got exact 0.25 then it depost 0 , if i got 0.24 then it does not depost anything ( to less money error)
if i got 0.26 in bank and i widraw then i get a message that says that i successfully widrawed 0.01$ ^^ and bank shows nothing like it need to be
if the bank got 0.12$ then you can widraw it to , but it just will show that you lost 0.12$ ( successfully widrawed 0$ Tongue ) as there is a fee of 0.25$
or was it the other way around ?? , i lost the test that i dit a time ago :S

newpoints_bank_lang.php Wrote:i am not sure if i added this kind of code , but i still going post it here as a temp fix ( if it is basic added then it is good Tongue )
$l['newpoints_bank_deposited'] = 'You have successfully deposited {1} in bank.';
$l['newpoints_bank_withdrawn'] = 'You have successfully withdrawn {1} from the bank.';
just search for the $l['newpoints_bank_deposited'] and replace those lines with my lines and it should be fine

i gave up at figuring out the bank loan auto payment/suspension system as it dit not even ban me after 3 weeks and still told me to repay 9$ of the 9$ i borrowed

enjoy this quick fix and the small bug report

demo can be found at Boosterking support forum

Greetings From PowerChaos
I wonder why you keep reporting bugs here that are not related to my plugin. You are using this plugin:

This thread is for Bank Plugin 1.2 attached in the first post.
sorry about that then
but i was sure that it was your plugin ( version 1.2 ) as i can see in the plugin section and the copyright name on it

as i can not find what the difference is betwean those 2 plugins dit i just followed the plugin name

but if the plugin name is already messed up , then how can i know what version i have ??

i downloaded a lot from this forum so i got no clue what version i have

they got both the same name to in the plugin system so that makes it hard
but now i installed the other version do i know what the difference is

sorry that i posted the loan bug here
but on the other side , this is still a fix for the requested amount widrawn bug

Thank you
Greetings From PowerChaos
That's the thing, I don't know if that withdraw bug is actually part of my plugin or not.
I am using the bank with interest enabled every 168 hours. As far as I can tell, it's working perfectly Pirata. Great job on this plugin.
This works awesome! You rock friend Big Grin
Hi, I have ideas...

1. NewPoints may attach bank plugin. Bank plugin should have amount of money after activated (it can be changed by admin), so users can withdraw from it without deposit.
Money which user must pay because of Forum Rules or Group Rules transfered to bank. If admin user shop plugin, money which users buy items transfered to bank too.
I think that's actual. How do you think about it?
2. I have newpoints and spoiler mycode. I want combine them. Example: members want to view hide post, they must pay amount of money to show. Admin set money

My english isn't good, sorry Big Grin
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