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Full Version: Bank Plugin 1.2 - REPORT PROBLEMS HERE
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Strange because in the same page I change the settings and it changes on the bank page too.


Bank Page:
Are you sure you're using this plugin?? Not this one?
Yer v1.2

What are the chances of the old plugin now uninstalling correctly, and you and the other author using similar settings?
I have no idea, it's up to the other one to remove everything it creates.
Screw it, im not gonna bother trying to sort it out. Your side of the plugin works fine
Yes it shouldn't interfere at all
The members of my forum are having problems withdrawing and depositing points.

The withdrawing and depositing fees are 0 yet when they withdraw/deposit, they are deducted points (around 80). I'm not sure why this is, I've even tried disabling and re-enabling the plugin to no avail.
This plugin is in beta, it's not bug free and nowhere near that. This thread is for all problems to be posted so I can fix all of them.

They're getting 80 deducted probably because of a bug regarding the interest rate.
There is a problem with the "richest users". It only shows their cash on hand. It should be a ranking of cash on hand + bank
Did you set the setting for that to yes?
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