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Full Version: Bank Plugin 1.2 - REPORT PROBLEMS HERE
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Yeah I have to add that to cache list.

Thanks for testing by the way.

I do not plan to add breadcrumb because it already has breadcrumb on the menu on the side.
Bank Bug:

I deposited 500 points on bank yesterday and I set interest rate to 3% every 24hrs

So when I checked it today on my Profile it shows:
Money on Bank : 500 points(No interest Added)

But when I go directly to Bank it shows:
Money on Bank : 515 points(So the interest shows properly here)

So the is in the profile page?
Hmm thanks for the bug report, I'll have to check that one.
Could you please check the database and tell me what's the value of the newpoints_bank field for your user?
No newpoints_bank but it is newpoints_bankoffset whic is 500 and newpoints_bankbasetime 1298678400
And when i check my bank today I have 530 but on my prfile is still 500, and when tried to withdraw from the bank 525 which I have 530 in it and I set the withdraw fee to 1 the bank says "You do not have enough money in bank."
Hmm interesting, I'll have to look at those, thanks for the report. How much money do you have in hand?
I'm not using 'show bank money in profile' (minuway's report) where is the setting for that?

I left my (test site) bank on 10% per hour and forgot about it

Money on hand: 991,931.90
Money in bank: 5,247,445,583,525,228,957,008,283,712,880,640.00 Smile

It's not designed to work with that many digits, so any problem w/ this is not a bug.

New start:
Money on hand: 1,000,000.00
Money in bank: 1,000,000.00

Take out $1 MIL =

Money on hand: 2,000,000.00
Money in bank: 0.00 (Perfect)

I'll test more, still pretty happy with it.

Please wait an hour for the interest to grow and let me know if the interest gets removed as well (from the bank when withdrawing).

Last night I left it like this:
Money on hand: 2,000,000.00
Money in bank: 0.00 (Perfect)

Now deposit:
Money on hand: 1,000,000.10
Money in bank: 1,000,000.00

Will check back later today, maybe just one hour, but I might be gone for a while.
Okay! Let me know how it goes. What's the interest rate by the way?
Mostly good / Found 1 issue (see "One little bug" section)

interest rate = Set back to 10%/ hour (just for now)

Money on hand: 1,000,000.10
Money in bank: 1,210,000.00

Withdraw freshly paid interest = take out 210,000

Money on hand: 1,210,000.20
Money in bank: 1,000,000.00 (Looks good so far)

...add $10 fee for Withdrawal
and attempt to take out 999990

Money on hand: 2,209,980.20
Money in bank: 10.00 (Perfect*)

*The $10 fee was taken from my Money on hand, so I could have tried to take out the whole 1,000,000.00, instead of 999,990


One little "bug"

It paid twice in under two hours:
I don't suspect that will continue (I'm guessing) the problem is here

1) Yesterday I had $ in the bank and took it all out
2) After the new deposit the bankmoneyoffset did not (?) get reset to the new time.

...*or, for any other reason*

3) The system was ready to pay "right away"
4) After the first payment, the bankmoneyoffset was reset to the current time, and...
5) After ~1 hour (less than 2 hours total) the second interest payment was made.

Shorter version:
On a *first-time* deposit and on interest payments the bankmoneyoffset gets set (or reset).
  • For some reason, when you take it all out and then add money (i.e. the next day), the bankmoneyoffset is ready to pay too soon.

Working pretty good Smile

I'll check more later today to verify it;s paying every hour and not more often.
EDIT: Deposit $1000000 back into the bank < 2 hours after starting today's tests. Next payment due in ~10 minutes or 1 hour? Tongue
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