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Full Version: [Release] Subscriptions 1.2
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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Does this auto-renew subscriptions and how do you add lifetime subscriptions?
To 1. No.
To 2. Set year to 9999
I get this message when activating the plugin.
[Image: XBVg.png]
You uploaded the file to the wrong place.

I believe I found a typo:
[Image: jbtccZt8uIZqJ8.png]

Best Regards
Yes, not critical.
Is there a way to view how long a user has left in their subscribed group?
Please re-phrase, I don't understand if you want to know about how long the user has subscribed or how long the user is no longer a subscriber.
Hi Pirata,
Is it possible to add the Group Image that the subscription is for into the description field?
Thanks for such great plugins?
I don't understand your question sorry.
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