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Full Version: [Release] Subscriptions 1.2
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ok thats what i wanted to know if I have them change FROM Reg users to Premium users and thats their only group how will the mod know what group they were previously, so after the set time the user will return to his original group?
It's stored in the database Smile
ok I get that I just wanted to be sure thanks Smile
I have an suggestion/question: Is it possible to make a group wish is requiring to subscribe? For Example: Only Moderators can subscribe a Plan. Is that possible?
No that is not possible sorry.
(04-10-2013, 01:14 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]No that is not possible sorry.

OK, I made a private change of the Plugin which allows me to do that. (Works Smile )

Edit: If someone is interested how He/She can make this too, I can give him/her instruction what to change in the File, if Pirata Nervo allows that. Actually its just a Text box where you can add one Group-ID (primary Group Only) how can use this Plan (0 = all). But I will work to made this better.
vip üyelik alınıyor ama kullanıcı grubu değiştirmiyoruz yani değişiklik belli olmuyor kullancı gurubu da değişmesi lazım bunu nasıl yapabiliriz


but that is not changing user group membership changes being vip User's group also has to change is not obvious how we can make it
Thanx very much installed and works like a charm another nice newpoints plugin
How can I view all current members with subscriptions & Expire them?
You cannot do that.
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