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Full Version: [Release] Subscriptions 1.2
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Important update (1.1.1): fixes a bug that wouldn't expire additional subscriptions properly.
When upgrading from 1.1 to 1.1.1, you must manually remove users from their additional subscriptions that have expired. This is because there was a bug in 1.0 and 1.1 that wouldn't move the users even though the subscriptions had expired.
Pirata, this still doesn't seem to be removing them. I've couple of groups on my site, so it's possible that if this is not the display/is display group, it might be affecting. The PMs are sent, but the people aren't being removed.
You're totally correct. There were two problems in the same line and I only fixed one it seems. v1.1.2 is up

Thank you for reporting that issue.

I'll observe it now.
ok so I got this working and all but SINCE I see you have to use it so that when a user subscribes it has to be his secondary usergroup as in they now have two user groups...its causing a conflict.....

Say I have it setup so regular members cannot change their signature until they have 5 posts. Say that same member subscribes and becomes a subscriber (secondary group).... now lies the problem....even though subscribers group does not need to have 5 posts to edit signature its still not allowing them too because its pulling permissions from primary group "registered users" how to fix this? thaks
Hmm what about setting it as primary??
because I saw posts here that said it didnt work if u set them to primary?
Of course it works, that's why it exists. Secondary/Additional is supposed to be used as an upgrade to an existing plan. (i.e. imagine I buy Premium and want to upgrade to Gold. Instead of overriding my subscription, I just extend it by buying the Additional/Secondary plan).
ok so I set the usergroup as premium member for primary and registered group for secondary. Shouldnt the primary usergroup override the secondary group? I have this set this way so after a year if they dont re subscribe they go back to regular members. Any ideas? OR should I just set them as only Premium members for primary group and have that group expire after a year and have the user re subscribe?

EDIT so using the plugin will they automatically go back to Registered Users after the time frame I setup or does this have to be done manually?
I'm confused. This plugin allows you users to buy "entrance" to another group. After the period of time expires they're taken back to their original group.
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