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Full Version: [help] Custom Fields for Support Ticket Help Center 1.5
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Hello everyone, recently I discovered Help Center 1.5 and have found it to be a wonderful add on to my forum, but I have need to add fields to the ticket to provide a little more information to my moderators when troubleshooting.

How do you, or what do you have to do to make the tickets recognize new fields?
I want to use this for a site requiring an Account Name and Character Name field, but aside from making the _viewticket and _submitticket templates show the fields, I can't get the tickets themselves to either accept or show the information.

The following points are both halves of this specific problem:
I can't confirm that the information is being saved to each ticket.
A. If the information is being saved to the ticket I don't know the syntax for {$ticket['?????']} to make it show up when we view the ticket.
B. If the information is not being saved to the ticket, I don't know what I need to change in helpcenter.php to make it create the ticket instance.

This is also assuming I even have a slight clue as to what I have to edit. If I am flat out stupid/wrong on what I am doing I would be absolutely unsurprised.

Any information that would be possible would be greatly appreciated. I would love to not have to burden anyone for the coding of it, but if I could get a little information as to where I need to make the edits, I would be forever grateful.

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