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Full Version: NewPoints installed, but not showing up on Forum
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Okay so I've installed Newpoints before and then I started a new forum and I uploaded everything and it all worked out. I activated the plugin, messed around with the settings and stuff, installed the store, but its not showing up on the forum. I mean it won't show ANYTHING having to do with NewPoints or the store. Please help!!
You must put a link to /newpoints.php somewhere in the header.
How would I do that? Right now I'm doing it using a news banner but that's not really ideal. How do I put it in the header? Also, how do I get the points to show up in all my themes. What i'm asking is in my Apart Night theme, the "Points" field with how many points the members have shows up, and if you click it it'll take you to newpoints. But on my Apart 1 theme, none of that shows up, however the direct link to newpoints.php does go... please help me. If you need to know, my forum address is
Use the Reconstruct function in the NewPoints ACP Maintenance page.

As for placing a link in the header, please watch this video: