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Full Version: Shoutbox Problems
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Repost of locked thread:
Quote:Hello all, sorry for posting this in the wrong area, as I am not currently allowed to post it in the correct area, because I have yet to subscribe. (Which I will be doing once the game section + my points integration takes place for MyBB 1.6)

Anyway, if you guys could answer/make a suggestion on any of these issues, that would be great! Thanks. =]

I want to make it so when someone posts a new topic, the shoutbox appears with a message like:
"Username: Created a new topic, Topic Name"

Another Problem: When I use this particular shoutbox and try to private message someone, the text is hard to read, because it is white font against a light gray background.

Another Problem: Although admins can prune the shoutbox, super moderators there a way I could change this?

Any responses to any of these problems will be greatly appreciated!

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