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can someone tell me how to add the username to the newpoints system

this code is ment to show u that.when u click on Statistics then look at Last Donations table it only shows the name of the last user to give points and not the user that got them.can any help on this plz thanks.

<td class="{$bgcolor}" width="30%">{$donation['to']}</td>
Right now it shows "From" and "To", I'm not entirely sure about what you want
on the stats page at Last Donations table u have
"From" "To" "Amount" "Date" ?

"From" and "To"
username at "To" the username doesnt show.
Are you running the latest NewPoints version?
yes v1.7
And were the donations done AFTER you installed 1.7? Because, since 1.7 new donations should work properly
here is a pic of what am talking about if this helps.where it says "To" no username shows up.

[Image: stats-1.png]
I know, but after 1.7, new donations are displayed correctly.
am gonna upload it again and see if that does it.
But make sure you send a new donation as well.