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i want to make a forum which all user get points for them activities same as newpoint but i need a other option as will as they can upload their attachment file and themselves will be fax the Point for downloading the attachment
so when the other user download that file , the point which is fixed by uploader, will be less form account of downloader, and add to the account of uploader

sorry for my bad English

I don't understand what you want
i want to say that im looking for a plug which get point to user for them activities in forum such as newpoint plug but i need a more feature as like user can get velue for their attachment i mean user A put a attachment file for download in forum and get 20 value for it , its mean it any own want to download this attachment should have more 20 point for downloading this file , and when he download this file the 20 point should less form his account (account of whom download this file) and this point "20" add to account of user A
Oh, well I'm not planning to add that anytime soon
its ok
i need it , and ready to pay for that
(10-11-2010, 05:43 PM)mehrdadali14 Wrote: [ -> ]its ok
i need it , and ready to pay for that

Money does not buy everything. Even though I understand that you may really need it, only if you paid me more money than what it requires, I'd accept. Right now I have plenty of work in hands and the money you'd pay wouldn't compensate the time lost.
ok thanks my bro
but plz give me any suggestion for that
What do you mean?
I mean give me suggestion
what should i do
go to other Cms forum as vb or ...
or contact to any mybb designer or ...

plz help me to find any solution
thanks a lot
Well, it's up to you. I don't have time to add that feature so it's up to you to decide what you want to do Smile