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Full Version: Myshoutbox for 1.6?
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Hello, I used Myshoutbox on a few of my forums. Will you be updating it to wok on 1.6?
Thanks Smile
MyShoutbox 1.4 works on MyBB 1.6
Hello, thankyou for the quick reply. Unfortunately it doesnt work. I received the error 'This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1600 ' when I tried to install it last week Sad
Ah 1.4 shoutbox, Im using 1.3. I'll have a look now Smile
Thats working brilliant thanks Smile

I have one request, I wonder if this would be possible?

Is there a way to change the backlground colour of the text area independant from the forum theme? So the shoutbox will have different coloured text area.

You can do that with the style parameter, just edit the templates