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Full Version: New Points Stopped Working
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Not sure why, but for some reason Newoints stopped working. One second it was working fine, and now its not.

When I try and look at the Statistics it says nothing found. I tried rebuiliding the count ane even the postbit sections.

Running latest version of MyBB.

Using the following Plugins:

Reputation Power
RSS Feed Power
Thanks 3.9
Twitter New Thread
Also Google SEO

Have tried deactivating the two plugins I installed after NewPoints and reactivating them but it has nothing to do with that. I hate not being an expert!
Did you clear the log?
No should I?? The only thing in there is one donation.

It has also stopped showing in the user bit on the right of the posts....
Did you deactivate NewPoints?
What do you mean by "Statistics" saying "not found"?
You must explain things in more detail because in the statistics page there's more than one table
[Image: statistics.jpg]

As per this image. I tried recreating the points.
And yes, I did deactivate it and reactivate it again. Is that the problem? Sad
Well, first it seems that you managed to corrupt the NewPoints installation (don't ask me how).
Uninstall and Install it again to make sure things are completely reset

That fixed it!