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Full Version: billing for points
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Please add billing to newpoints plugin
This billing must show history of user points and user can see it in the user cp

For more explain please see this image:


User CP > Billing user > user name
I don't really understand you Tongue
i want users can view history of points them

for example :
if a user have 1000 points now he can view details for them
Definitely not something I'll add.
The log contains what should be logged.
The log contains Olny Donation History
but i want log for history of all points recived by user
in other words :
user can view history of all his actions and all his points (in user cp or added page or other place)
So you want your database full of data and overcrumbed?
Imagine logging thousands of actions per day..
i accept
ragardless this please
(09-17-2010, 12:19 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]...full of data and overcrumbed?

overcumbed = (i.e.) ...then i got overcumbed and cant run.
overcrumbed = You added to much filler (breading / bread crumbs) to your meat-loaf. Tongue

I meant overcumbed Tongue