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Full Version: how do you install the upload file
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when i try to install upload file it says there is alredy an file with this name and i need help on it
Great, that helps a lot.
This is in the Plugins forum and I have no idea of what plugin you're talking about.
Plus, overwriting that file might help
im on about NewPoints when i install the upload file it says i gota over rid some files
Overwrite them then
i do then the plugin dont work properly
What happens?
Moved to correct forum
what files go in root and what 1s in inc
Just follow the documentation.
Uplaod everything you find inside the Upload folder to the root of your MyBB installation
i did and it dident work in plugins in on forum
You're doing it wrong then.
If you're uploading the files correctly, it should show up in the Plugins page and you just need to click Install and Activate
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