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Full Version: [Release] Buy Forum Access 1.0
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Requires NewPoints 1.5 or newer

With this plugin, you can force users to pay certain points on certain forums to access them for a period of time.

Edit the settings to set which forums are affected, set how much points users need to pay and how much time users can access the forums.


See readme.html

If you have any questions, ask them at MyBB-Plugins.

Download is attached to this post.
a very good work...
awesome!! thanks Nervo! really need this!
This is a great plugin, however I want to restrict access to a custom page I created (my chat addon). Is there a way I can use this to do that?
No, this can only be used to restrict access to forums
can you add the option to stop certain groups from paying this?
(09-27-2010, 09:59 AM)diver256 Wrote: [ -> ]can you add the option to stop certain groups from paying this?

I do not plan to add any features to this plugin in a near future. I plan to release a new version with improvements but no new features
thank.. but cant download.. why??
It's for paid subscribers only as mentioned in the first post
There is an amendment to charge users for access to every post instead of any forums?

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