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Full Version: [Release] Buy Forum Access 1.0
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How would I be able to "bypass" the protected forum?

I want upgraded members able to view it without any restrictions while others(regular members) pay for it.

You cannot bypass it.
Thanx very much installed works great no problem at all
Can you make it have more option like forum rule? Because sometime admin don't want the same points for the diffirent forum.

and how about Item-must-have-to-access-forum? Because It will be very great if it have a function that make user not need to pay points to get in forum if they have some item-in-need?

example: You need 20 point for 2 hours to get in "Test Forum".
But you can buy "Ticket item" to get in "Test forum" for 24 hours.
It does not work.
It lock the admin interface (mybb 1.6.11) Sad
First of all thanks for this plugin but there is a little problem, when i click on a forum then it displayed following message [attachment=1160]
there is no option for buy forum access, can you help me??
You don't have enough points on your forum to buy access to that forum..
(05-27-2014, 09:14 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]You don't have enough points on your forum to buy access to that forum..

ohhhh!!! really thanks Heart

If you are new to this mod and the one in the first topic isn't working for you, please download this one.

I have edited the php file so that it will work with v1.8.x with no known issues!

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