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Full Version: ? how tou use conver plaza plugin to newpoints
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I want use any plugin plaza for newpoints but I dont know convert it
thank you very muck [you] Big GrinTongue
What do you mean?
The Mind i is want to ask the way who port plugin from plaza --> newpoints
just like the concernment is port database of mural vBB database of the myBB (still keep data integrity)
you can use google translate;
mình muốn sửa plugin của plaza để sử dụng newpoints
nếu làm được như vậy thì việc phát triển newpoint sẽ nhanh hơn!
Im sorry but I do not understand anything
I think he wants to know how to convert MyPlaza Modules so that they work with Newpoints.
Oh, that's far more complex than you think. It requires a full re-write of the code
yes, thanks brumorama
I think you should consider trying Discuz source of 7.2, there are many plugins for the development or newpoints. I found pretty neat newpoints written (much more than the plaza).

My English is not very good (just enough to communicate, the epidemic still very bad) <<eck>>
If you can be as developed newpoints by Discuz monetary system can not wow. Wink

- If you do not spare me learn in module for the forum flashgame it??
The bonus will be calculated according to the score of the game.
/ / Facebook also quite fun with it (eg: happyfarm)
forum for you to learn more convenient forum Discuz its roots (Full Discuz homepage Chinese, -> very difficult to register)
-> VietNamese 's Forum: