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Full Version: [BUG] Help me
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Hello, I have one big problem TT_TT
Plugin NewPoints1.5 are bugged.
When I enter in admin cpnel, and click in newpoints, Shows only one option and the rest is all blank. And the products that I placed to sell, do not appear to the members buy.
I Take one screenshot.

sincerely, leopoldo silva
how can u says that? i've installed it and working fine..
When I go into Admin panel > newpoints and later no option.
Already installed the plugin shop.
I cant see the options... To add itens (...)

Send to me your shop + newpoints plugins to my e-mail [email protected]

I'm assuming it's because there isn't a Spanish language set for newpoints, you'd have to go back to english to see the options I assume.
Yes it is Big Grin
OK now can closed this topic
Closed as requested.