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Full Version: Bug with Bank plugin...
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If this is in the wrong place, please move it accordingly.

Just noticed that if you deposit points and let them gather interest, and then deposit another load, you lose all the interest.

Example: I put 3000 points in the back with an interest rate of 2.5% per 24 hours. I leave that for however long and end up with 3500 points in the bank. I just put another 5000 points in, and the bank said I now have a total of 8000, not 8500.

Edit: also noticed that trying to withdraw 3500 points when it says I have 3500 displays the error "you don't have enough points in bank". Withdrawing 3000 points resets the bank to 0, not 500.
Which version are you using? (of the bank)
1.1 (the version that came with NewPoints).
(07-23-2010, 05:01 AM)whiz Wrote: [ -> ]1.1 (the version that came with NewPoints).

Interesting, would you mind testing Bank 1.2?
Yeah, can do. Is there a download link/page, since I can't find one. :S

Also, I think this thread shows a similar problem.
Yes but that bug should have been fixed already.
I'm going to PM you 1.2 since it's not yet public.
would you send me 1.2 too?
Are you experiencing this problem with 1.1?
just same as whiz Sad
Alright I'll send you a PM soon, please reply to this post
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