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Full Version: Amount on URL
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I need to do php modification simple with this plugin.
I hope you understand me
as I can put the amount of points that will be sent in the URL?

example, I want to do this:

anyone know how?
It is done on purpose so members can't trick other members. You sure you want to do it?
I think ...
but yes, I need to do that on my forum ._.
Ok then.

In template newpoints_donate
<input type="text" name="amount" value="" class="textbox">

<input type="text" name="amount" value="{$amount}" class="textbox">

In /newpoints.php

Add below:
$amount = floatval($mybb->input['amount']);
great!, it will me serve much...
but this serves to put in the url you put the amount in the "input", but if I would serve most to at put the url automatically give the points ... it would be so much to ask?, if not so okay xD hehe

Well that's an even bigger security it issue.
I could simply post a link saying "Click here to find who's John Doe" and the link would point to the donate page with an amount of 100,000 and if the the user who clicked it had that amount of points they'd get donated to me.

That's something I won't tell you how to do it since it's not reasonable at all