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Full Version: Virus Scanner for MyDownloads
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This is following on from my installation of MyDownloads (a superb plugin by the way). It seems that the virus scanner that was developed for normal attachements does not work with this system.

Now considering this MyDownloads plugin is obviously going to be used (on mysite as least), as a central place for all relevant downloads, if anywhere is going to get an infected file, it would be this place.

So in that case is it possible to either make the current virus scanner plugin compatible with the mydownloads plugin, or perhaps make a variant of the virus scanner?


use winpulse sold at
Pirata said that plugin would not work for the mydowloads plugin - hence my request for it to be adapted so it soes Smile
I'm not sure about this request but I won't be working on this anytime soon since MyDownloads does not provide hooks for me to integrate a plugin with it