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Full Version: Is it possible to exclude warning level for a specific group?
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Two ways I'd like to ask,

Is it possible when a user is directly banned(not by warning level), can I make it show on his profile that his warning level is 100% and also in his postbits?

If not, what about the second method:-

If a user is directly banned the warning level will be excluded from the postbit, however I have div tags of postbit around with the postbit I added on my global.css. So it will kinda show its messed up like the attachment below.

So any ways to get it fixed, like exclude the div tags from banned members or usergroup ID or something?

Thanks in advance
I don't think none of them are possible but this should be asked on the official MyBB forums since they'd be able to provide an official answer
I asked, didn't get any answer, and its not possible after reading a few threads from the site itself. Smile Thanks again!
Oh well then it's not possible I guess