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Full Version: Parser help
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I want to integrate a replay parser in mybb.

I have a working parser that takes a replay file and parses it, it's on the same server as mybb and I can put it anywhere. Now, I want that when someone upload a replay file (identified by it's extension) that parser will be called with the attachement file and instead of the download link for the attachement I want to put the output form the parser in the post.

I don't know if it's the right section... could you give me some hints on how to do that? Thx.
That's not easy to achieve. What kind of reply parser by the way?
It's a warcraft III dota replay parser. This free one:

Now, I was thinking that when the post is displayed instead (or bellow) of the attachement download link, to add somehow the output of the parser (even if it's in somekind of iframe or smthing like that), that is stored somewhere on my server also. But I don't know where are the php functions located so I can edit them...
Could you please post a demo? Would be easier for me to see what you actually want to be shown so I could say if it can be done easily or not
See here for example:

The attachement is a replay file, and it has been parsed by a replay parser, and the output is displayed in a scrolling window and below it the download link. Only that it's a different replay parser and a different forum type.
Oh yeah it would require some code in showthread.php and probably attachment.php
I would do this as a custom paid plugin rather than a plugin for subscribers since you'd be the only one using it.