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Full Version: MyDownloads Cell phone?
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Sorry I wasn't sure if I should post this in the MyDownloads thread or here.

But um, what I want to do is make a mobile page with a little search box, then people can enter the Download ID and download ringtones and wallpapers and stuff from their cell phones. Without having to go to the actual MyDownloads page. They can just get the download straight.

Any help?
Do you want it to be a web page or a phone application?
Um well if its a webpage then I can put it on but I guess it could always be a .java app that works on most phones.

But I think if it were a webpage it'd have more compatibility, and stuff.
So what do you want me to say? lol
Lol you asked if I wanted it to be a webpage or an application so I assumed that you knew how to make one of those xP

So I need to know two things.

What I think I need to know is if there is a direct URL to the download. Not a URL to the page where the download is but to the actual download it self. So if some one were to click on that link it'd start the download and not go to the page where the download is.

And if possible, not really necessary, is there a way to make a search feature for the download section?

Orrr could you just make the downloads section mobile compatible?
No to all those things lol
dam xP

thanks dude.