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Full Version: Don't want to wipe the forum; what do I do?
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I want to move the forum to "" instead of "". I moved it, but then I noticed that all the links got messed up. How would I move it and keep the links working?
For example:
Right now, the forum is located in I want to move the forum to without wiping it.
So you have some threads with the links /forum?

First of all:
Go in the admin cp and set the new path of the forum.
This should work.
Now if u have linked the threads and there are many of them so u can't do it manually just do this:
Export the database.
Download and open Notepad++
Open the exportation.
Click CTRL + F
There's a feature that lets u sobstituite the words.
so write and sobstitute all with

This worked with me
After you moved it, did you ensure you have changed the forum configurations from:

To: ?

It should work just fine if you did just that.